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"Viber Android, apps for PC free on our computer. The new instant messaging app"


The instant messaging apps more downloaded are: WhatsApp, Line, Tango, ChatON Samsung among others. Is a leader in WhatsApp downloads in many countries of the world, Line is its main rival and snatched the first post in the download list in any country. Other applications are struggling to get new users and to be able to compete with the number one, WhatsApp. Viber for PC is a candidate to achieve these objectives. We will be attentive to developments in this type of applications.

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Best selling smartphone as Viber Android and apps messaging

Due to the growth of Smartphone sales, every day there are more companies that are developing new applications for these devices. Instant Messaging apps are the most downloaded in many countries. Other apps such as WeChat for PC or Nimbuzz for PC to register more users by offering features that other messaging applications do not have.

High competition between chat apps will benefit users. We look forward to great news for chat applications in the coming months.

Viber Android isn't the only app of Chat that aspires to be in the number one in downloads. The competition is very high and chat applications such as Line for PC or in its version for Android, improve every day and some of them like Line, launching advertising campaigns to win users.

BlackBerry launches Blackberry Messenger for Android and iPhone devices. With the launch of BBM to Android i BBm for iPhone, Blackberry enters this sector to compete with Viber Android and other instant messaging applications.